Guiding Ideas

As a state international school, we offer our students from all over the world a high-quality bilingual education.


English and German are the working languages at the school, but we do not limit ourselves to teaching only German and Anglo-American values and traditions.


As a literally international school, our mission is to familiarize the children and young people in our care with as many different facets of life in this world as possible - and to enable them to cope with and change positively all over the world. 


We know we belong together.

We communicate with each other in English and in German.

We accept different opinions.

We don't exclude anyone.

We treat each other with respect.

We listen to each other.

We practice teamwork. 

We talk at eye level.

We need feedback and criticism for our learning and working.

We take the time to talk.

When making decisions, we involve the representatives of those affected.

We support the school group representations.

We make conflicts transparent and resolve them openly.

We do not consider decisions to be irrevocable.