Q: Which principles does WMIS follow?


A: As a state international school, we focus on the following aspects, among others: Promotion and mediation of language competence and communication skills, mediation of tolerance and cosmopolitanism.




Q: How large are the classes at WMIS?


A: The class sizes are as follows:


1st class: 20 children


2nd-3rd grade: 22 children


4th-6th grade: 24 children


7th-10th grade: 26 children




Q: Can I register my child at the WMIS even if we are not in the school area?


A: Yes, as a State International School we are not assigned to any school enrolment area.




Q: What are the requirements for admission to the WMIS?


The prerequisite for admission is that your child speaks English or German like a native speaker. If the child is a native speaker of German, at least passive knowledge of English is required.


Another requirement is that you are a highly mobile family. Only children who are not highly mobile will be admitted to Class 1 (see also "How exactly are the classes made up?").




Q: Are we a highly mobile family?


A: "Families are considered to be highly mobile if they move their centre of life abroad several times for professional reasons of one or both parents or legal guardians, usually at intervals of no more than four years; one-off stays abroad as well as intentions of immigration and emigration do not justify high mobility. The assignment to the group of highly mobile families also presupposes that the parents or legal guardians make credible the existence of the requirements of sentence 1 within the scope of the registration and declare in writing that they will have to leave Berlin for professional reasons after a maximum of four years and relocate the centre of life of the entire family abroad.


(§ 5 a Ab s. 6 of the Ordinance on Admission to Schools of Special Educational Character)




Q: Are there language tests at the school?


A: Yes. Your child's language skills are tested in language tests.


Mother tongue English: Test in English


Mother tongue German: Test in German


bilingual: test in English and German + D for bilingual)




Q: Our child speaks both English and German at native language level. Does the school specify which language group our child is assigned to, or do we decide as guardians?


A: If children speak both languages like their mother tongue according to their age, their parents or legal guardians will decide which language group the child should be assigned to after the test results have been announced.




Q: How exactly are the classes composed?


A: The composition of the classes in Grade 1 is as follows:




1st Grade

10 children from families permanently living in Berlin

10 children from highly mobile families

of which:

5 children with native language D + 5 children with native language E

of which:

5 children with native language D + 5 children with native language E




Q: What happens if not all the places in a language group can be allocated within a certain number of places?


A: If not all places in a language group can be allocated within a certain quota, they are assigned to the other language group. Free places in the contingent of children living permanently in Berlin are allocated to children from highly mobile families. Free places in the contingent of highly mobile children are kept free for lateral entrants.




Q: Do I have to register my child at the responsible primary school?


A: Yes, if you already live in Berlin.




Q: We want to change our first wish school on the application form - or we have inadvertently specified another school than the Wangari-Maathai-International-School as our first wish in our application form - what should we do?


A: 1) Have the responsible primary school change the application for reassignment; 2) Inform the senate administration by e-mail about this change and send the registration form of the Wangari-Maathai-School to the senate administration by e-mail (anmeldung.WMIS@senbjf.berlin.de); 3) Submit the changed registration form in duplicate to the school.




Q: Can I register my child at school during the current school year?


A: Admission to an already established class during the current school year is possible if


- places are available,


- high mobility is present and


- English language skills are proven at the level of the class level (verified by a language test).




Q: What does "Gebundene Ganztagsschule" mean?


A: ... that classes take place at least four days a week from 8 am to 4 pm.