The School Conference is the highest advisory and decision-making body of the school and advises and decides on all important matters of the school.




At primary schools the school conference consists of


a. the headmaster,


b. four parent representatives,


c. four representatives of the conference as a whole (these may be teachers or educators)


d. and an external member, if one has been elected.




At our school there are only grades 1 and 2. As soon as our school is expanded and has higher grades, two students of the 5th and 6th grades have the right to speak with an advisory vote. Four student representatives are added at the secondary schools.




Some decisions must be made by a two-thirds majority (e.g. school programme, admission criteria, scope of homework). For other decisions (e.g. student exchange, rules of conduct, beginning of lessons) a simple majority (school law § 76 paragraph 1 and 2) is sufficient.



It is important here that a majority can only be achieved with the voting members of the school conference. It is therefore advisable to elect deputies in addition to the representatives, who can take the place of the elected representative in the event of prevention.