Parents play an important role in the Berlin School. Parents can and should help shape schools and therefore have extensive rights of design and decision-making, which they assert through their participation in school committees. The Senate has strengthened this pillar of school work with a Parents' Guide. This is available for download (so far only in German language) under the following link:


Parents' representatives play an important role in forming opinions within the group of parents. Together with teachers, the headmaster and pupils (from lower secondary school) they shape the present, make decisions for the future and the success of the school.




The class teacher invites to the first parents' meeting in the new school year of a new class. Otherwise the class representatives always invite to the first parents' meeting in the new school year. The class parents' meeting primarily serves the exchange of information and opinions among themselves and with the class teacher or the class team (class teacher, deputy class teacher, educator). The aim is to promote cooperation between the parents and teachers of a class in the interest of the pupils.


The guardians of minor pupils in a class elect two parents' representatives of the class at a parents' meeting. The class parents' meeting decides whether she wants to elect deputies and if so, how many. The parent representatives of the class invite to at least three parent meetings in the school year in consultation with the class teacher and propose the agenda. Parent representatives should address topics of interest to all parents. Speakers and guests can be invited.


As representatives of the class, the two parent representatives take part in the meetings of the Gesamtelternvertretung (GEV) and then report to the parents of their class. Furthermore, the class parents' meeting elects the representatives for the class conference.




The Klassenkonferenz is the meeting of all teachers teaching in a class and the pedagogical staff working in the class as well as the representatives of the parents and from lower secondary level also of the pupils. The class conference is a committee, therefore two equally entitled parent representatives and at least two deputies must be elected. These can be the two class parent representatives, but two other guardians of the class can also be elected.


The elected parents' representatives may participate in a class conference when it comes to cooperation between the individual school participants or coordination of lessons. Parents are not allowed to participate in class conferences when it comes to transfer, certificates, degrees and predictions for support; in the case of disciplinary measures only if the parents and pupils concerned so wish.




The two elected class parent representatives are members of the Gesamtelternvertretung (GEV) of the school. The GEV represents the school interests of all legal guardians of a school and informs itself about important school matters, exchanges information about them and ensures that all important information is passed on to the parents in addition to the school management.


The whole parents' conference elects the parents' representative of the school and up to three deputies from among you. In addition, members of the GEV are elected:


a. Four members for the school conference (every two years),

b. two representatives for the whole conference (annually),

c. two representatives for the professional conferences of teachers (annual) (not yet established),

d. two representatives for the District Parents' Committee (annually),

e. two representatives for the General Conference of Schools (annual) (not yet established).


The representatives elected to these bodies report on the respective meetings at the general meeting of parents.


Parents' working groups: 


A school - and in particular a new foundation like ours - is characterised by active parenthood in terms of quality and cohesion. Some parents have already formed working groups, partly together with the school management and teachers, in order to develop our school and actively shape a positive culture to promote the education of our children. If you are interested in working with us, the best thing to do is to come to the parents' café.


a) Working Group Communication/Documentation


b) Working Group Event Management


c) Working Group Parents' Café:


A tradition has also anchored itself in our hearts and culture through committed parents of the Nelson Mandela School. The Parents' Café (coffee for parents) became the first point of contact for parents of the newly founded 2nd International School Berlin every Thursday morning and during the school start phase. Here information was exchanged, plans forged and one or the other solution found in everyday life. Two school classes of the Nelson Mandela School (3rd and 4th grade, single class) are still being taught at our Babelsberger Strasse 24 location. This means that the Parents' Café will be operated as a project of the two sister schools in the 2018 / 2019 school year. Time for coffee or tea? Every Thursday from approx. 08h00 on the ground floor of the school building.


d) Garden Design and Schoolyard Working Group:


As part of our welcome culture, a working group of parents and children takes care, for example, of the greening of the street land in front of our school building. Together with the Green Area Authority Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, extensive redesign work will start in autumn and a small school garden will be created. Here the children can strengthen their sense of responsibility outside school and become creative together with their parents. How about building a bird food house or an insect hotel? Or participation in small nature experiences accompanied by parents, such as the cultivation of vegetables and herbs, the installation and care of a bird bath or the support of the creation of habitat for insects by nectar-rich flower meadows and butterfly bushes?


e) Working Group of the Friends of the Association:


A support association is an essential factor for the success of a school to support the school in the procurement of economic or material means. A support association of the 2nd International School Berlin was recently founded.