The admission for students (Seiteneinsteigerinnen or Seiteneinsteiger / new entrants to the school) is reliant on the students coming from a highly mobile family. “Seiteneinsteigerinnen or Seiteneinsteiger” are all those students who want to join the school following the decision concerning the students whose application has been accepted to join the school in year 1.


Highly Mobile


Are we a "highly mobile family"?

A highly mobile family is one that repeatedly (not just temporarily) relocates its main residence for professional reasons to a foreign country at intervals of four years or less. One-off stays abroad and intentions to immigrate or emigrate do not justify a highly mobile classification.  Assignment to the group of highly mobile families also presupposes that the parents or legal guardians can substantiate the existence of the requirements of sentence 1 within the scope of the registration and declare in writing that they will have to leave Berlin after a maximum of four years for professional reasons and relocate their main residence abroad.

(§ 5 a Ab s. 6 of the Ordinance on Admission to Schools of Special Educational Character)



Families are regarded as being highly mobile if the whole family is regularly required to move abroad in regular intervals of not more than four years due to a parent`s professional work; singular and short term visits, as well as an intent to immigrate (out of or to Berlin) are not regarded as being highly mobile.
Priority list for highly mobile applicants according to the occupational status of the parents/guardians is as follows:
  1. Federal Foreign Office,
  2. International institutions of the Federation, diplomatic missions, universities, International companies, associations, organizations and media sectors.
Please note that families that are employed within Germany are not considered highly mobile.
Admission for students that do not yet have a permanent residence in Berlin will only follow under the reservation that a permanent residence is available and verifiable a week before the beginning of school. Otherwise, admission to Wangari Maathai International School cannot be granted.



Please send the following completed documents:


  • A filled in Wangari Maathai International School registration form (grade 2-6)
  • A written testimony from your employer that you belonging to one of the above mentioned categories of highly mobile parents.
  • The last two annual school reports of the student (If the school report cards not in English or German than we need an official translation in German or English).
  • A copy of the child ́s birth certificate with a copy of your ID or passport.
The application form must be signed by both parents. Should only one of the parents possess the guardianship of the child, an officially attested document confirming the parent´s sole guardianship needs to be handed in with the rest of the documents.
Please send the completed documents for grade 2-6 directly to the Wangari Maathai International School Berlin, Babelsberger Str. 24, 10715 Berlin and not to the Ministry of Education “Senatsverwaltung - Schulträgerschaft”.
Kindly understand that registration of your application will only be processed if all of the required documents mentioned above are complete. Incomplete documents will not be processed.



We cannot return any documents to you once they have been submitted to the school.


Application form lateral entry
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