Enrollment grades 2, 3, and 4

registration period: 1 April to 30 April 2020

Admission for our classes 2, 3, and 4 is possible if the following criteria are fulfilled:

- there is a free spot in the class

- you are a highly mobile family (> explanation please see below)

- language skills (English/German on a mother-tongue level and/or English with partner tongue knowledge)


Please send the following completeddocuments by mailor in person to our school: 

1.     Completed enrollment application form of Wangari Maathai International School, 

2.    Employer’s letter of confirmation or other certificates about your personal highly mobile work status, 

3.    Copy of the child’s birth certificate,

4.    School report cards of the last two school years (officially certified copies of the original certificates and possibly with the original translations). 


Are we a “highly mobile family“?

Families are considered highly mobile when, for professional reasons, one or both parents have to move their place of residence to another country frequently (generally for periods of not more than four years). A one- time placement abroad or general plans to emigrate do not fulfill these requirements. Placement in the group of highly mobile families is dependent on the presentation at the time of registration of valid, written documentation that states that the family, generally within the next four years, for professional reasons, must move to a place of residence abroad.

(§ 5 a Ab s. 6 der Verordnung über die Aufnahme in Schulen besonderer pädagogischer Prägung)