Flexible Schulanfangsphase

Students in grades 1 and 2 are taught in mixed classes (Flex Class) that consist of combined learning groups. Taking early school enrollment into account, the children in a Flex group are between 5 and 8 years old.


This model focuses on supporting individual learning requirements for beginners. The lessons are individualised, i.e. different levels are taught simultaneously. For example, a "first-grader" can work on second-grade tasks in German class, while in mathematics he is still working his way through basic arithmetic. We strive for and practice self-organisation and teamwork. Students are given a timeframe of one to three school years to complete the Flexible Entrance Class.


In the school year 2019/20 there are four Flex classes (A, B, C, D) with a maximum of 22 pupils each. All students are taught and supervised by a team of teachers (German/English-speaking) and an educator (“Erzieher” – a social worker with an academic background). Teachers and educators collaborate closely and exchange information in order to optimize the teaching concept.