The Extra-C's are extracurricular activities offered by external organisers on the school premises, in which students can take part on request. These courses are subject to a fee. The school makes the premises

available to the extracurricular partners and gives them time slots; the providers take over the planning of the content and the administrative aspects independently. Extra C's take place Monday to Thursday after 4.00 p.m. and Friday after 2.00 p.m..


The schedule of activities can be found under "Downloads". During the first weeks of the school year, Registration is administered in via an online registration procedure on the website. (If your child wants to join an Extra C course later on, please contact the Course provider directly). Students in Year 1 do not start until after the autumn Holidays.

Information Extra C
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Overview Extra C school year 2019-2020
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Permission Extra C
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Permission Extra C Taekwondo
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